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Studying with Stratford - How it works

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How Studying with Stratford Works

Stratford's home study courses are truly ideal for today's busy adult. On this page, you can gain further insight into how easily a Stratford program can fit into your life.

    Before You Begin...

    Admissions Policy: Stratford has an open entrance policy. We believe that any adult who feels that he or she has the potential and capability to benefit from their selected program should be given the opportunity to continue their education. However, as a general rule, students should have a minimum of eight years of formal schooling.
    Persons under the age of 18 must obtain the written signature of a parent or legal guardian in order to enroll in a Stratford course. If you would like more information, please contact our Admissions Department at 1-514-344-2860.

    Enrollment Terms & Student Learning: View our enrollment agreement. Feel free to view our complete Student Handbook to learn more about life as Stratford student. View our Student Integrity Policy

Enrollment & Coursework - How It Works

1. Enroll Online and Pay For Your Program.
Choose your course and use our secure website to enroll online.
All of Stratford's international courses are 100% online. This means that no course materials will physically be mailed to you. At this time, Students outside of the U.S. and Canada must also pay for their entire course during the online enrollment process.

2. Get Your Student Number & Access eService
After your enrollment is processed (this can take two days or more), Stratford will send an e-mail with your Student Number to the e-mail address provided during the online enrollment process. Once you get your Student Number, you can register for eService, our Online Student Center, and access all of your digital course content.

3. Study & Complete Your Exams.
All textbooks and study guides needed to complete your program are available digitally in eService. This allows you to begin your studies more quickly and access all of your student account information seamlessly. You will use eService to take exams, contact instructors, update preferences, use the online library and more.

 Exam Score
 Letter Grade
 90-100  A
 80-89  B
 75-79  C
 70-74  D
 Below 70
 I (Incomplete)

4. Get your Career Diploma.
Successfully pass all of your exams, and you will receive your personalized career diploma in the mail. Some students finish their course in as little as six months, but Stratford gives students up to two years to complete their studies.